Saturday, May 28, 2011

Built to Spill-There's Nothing Wrong With Love

 I bought this album on the black market in Cambodia. A friend of mine loaned it to the girl who sells black market CD's and let her copy it in exchange for a few free CD's. When she brought it back, I bought one of the black market copies. Many of the black market records I bought have eventually found their way to the dustbin. Something about owning a non-official record just doesn't seem right. The thing about Built to Spill is that they're so incredible and incredibly different from every other band I know that I couldn't bring myself to toss this one. I now own most of Built to Spill's catalog in mp3 format, but TNWWL remains my very favorite. Songs like "In the Morning" and "Car" are indie rock classics. I would stack them up against any Pavement track you can dig up. They are altogether dissonant and precious. They roll out in such a way that you can never guess what the song is going to do next. Built to Spill is a bucket full of surprises and I'll never get tired of it.

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