Monday, May 30, 2011

Dio-The Very Beast of

There's only one thing I hate about this album and that's the fact that it's called, "The Very Beast of Dio" and not "The Very Best of Dio." Yeah, we get it. He's metal and sings about dragons and stuff. Did you really need to change best for beast? Nope. Ya didn't.

Nomenclature aside, this is the greatest heavy metal greatest hits album in the world. Here's why: 1) Ronnie James Dio is the greatest heavy metal singer in the history of the world (Here's the evidence: every band he was ever in was made better by his presence and worse by his absence. Elf never went anywhere without Dio, but would have sucked if it did. Rainbow rocked with Dio and sucked big time after he left. Black Sabbath was floundering by the time Dio stepped in, and he brought back the rock big time. He has a better voice than Ozzy could ever hope to have, and the two albums he recorded with Sabbath were better than all but two of Ozzy's Sabbath albums. Deal with it, Ozzy fans. Then there was Dio, which rocked to the tip top non stop. Then he was in Heaven and Hell, the better half of the Black Sabbath reunion. There's nothing the man ever did that wasn't better than every one of his peers. Oh, and to Gene Simmons I say that it was indeed Dio that invented the devil horns/metal sign. Get over yourself and deal with the truth. </rant>) 2) Dio features some of the best metal guitar you will ever hear, especially when Vivian Campbell is on the axe 3) Dio sings about Dungeons and Dragons stuff. Seriously, JRR Tolkien didn't put this much mythology into his work 4) Ronnie James Dio is the greatest heavy metal singer in the history of the world. Did I already say that? It needs to be said twice. Anyway, if you love metal you must, by extension, love this album.

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