Saturday, May 28, 2011

Format Change

So you may have noticed that I split up the entries. They used to be reviews of 5 to 10 albums at a time and now they are individual reviews. That makes it a little easier for anyone who wants to search for individual bands. The main reason I did it is because A is the only band that had albums reviewed in separate posts, which made them the largest name in the little sidebar. It's because I wanted the sidebar to be a more true reflection of the things I own, so if anyone ever reads this thing they'll know I own way more Apples in Stereo than I do A.

In changing everything, I just copied and pasted everything from their original posts and reposted them. That's why it looks like I wrote over a hundred reviews today and it's also why Blogger got a little suspicious and started making me prove I wasn't a bot. Anyway, the old blog has a fresh coat of paint and I couldn't be happier.

So yeah, enjoy the change all you masses who are constantly flocking to this blog to hang on every character I type.

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