Monday, May 7, 2012

2D Narrow Escape (Vectrex Game)

Narrow Escape is one of the few games that makes use of the 3D viewer, a rare accessory for the Vectrex. Because practically nobody owns one, and very few have been smart enough to rig up a DIY version, the 3D games go largely unplayed. A guy named Fred Taft was nice/smart enough to turn Narrow Escape, previously a 3D only game, into a 2D game playable without the 3D visor.

Narrow Escape looks pretty cool. You pilot a ship that looks like the drop ship from Mine Storm. On either side are walls that look a little like library stacks (I used to be a librarian). Touching the walls results in death, hence the narrow part of your escape. You must successfully capture fuel cells, blast enemies, and make your way to the big boss. I've never made it to the boss, but I've had plenty of fun along the way. Some of the collision detection seems a bit wonky, which is probably due to the conversion to 2D. Sometimes it's hard to know when you're on the same level as what you're trying to shoot, but the same could be said for Blue Max and Zaxxon, so it's not a huge problem. Narrow Escape is a good title that I am grateful to see in 2D form. Now if only someone could figure out Crazy Coaster.

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