Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pole Position (Vectrex Game)

Pole Position is an old arcade favorite and it has shown up on just about every vintage system. The Vectrex wouldn't seem an ideal system for this game, but I was blown away by Pole Position on the Vectrex.

First of all, GCE somehow figured out how to make a nicely animated smooth-scrolling car. This is a technical accomplishment that can't be understated. Secondly, the controls are tight and easy to learn (something that would have certainly been appreciated on Hyperchase). It's a thrill to maneuver your car and pass slower racers. Even when you crash you're greeted by the best explosion out of all the console versions of this game. Possibly the best part of this version is the sense of speed as you shift from first to second gear. The animations and sounds are spot on. The only console version of Pole Position I enjoy more than this one is the one for the 8-bit Atari.

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