Monday, May 7, 2012

Rockaroids Remix (Vectrex Game)

Rockaroids Remix is a sequel to Rockaroids, John Dondzila's Asteroids clone. The remix version features a better ship and runs even faster than the original Rockaroids! John Dondzila does not mess around with Asteroids. If you like the slow, plodding pace of the first few levels of Asteroids, this is not for you.

In order to cope with the increased pace, the collision detection has been altered somewhat. Whole asteroids that have yet to be shot will pass right over your ship, which is an eerie feeling in later levels when several of them do it at once. Don't expect the same from asteroids that have been shot. They will always destroy you on contact. Although it's a difficult game to just settle into, I appreciate the grown up pace of Roackaroids Remix. If some Rockaroids was good, more is even better.

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