Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hourman - DC Universe Classics

Hourman is just one of the characters I fell in love with while reading some old JSA comics. I just find the concept of Hourman fascinating. He's not a superhero in the sense that he has some strange magical or otherwordly abilities. His abilities are the product of his own ingenuity (he developed Miraclo, a drug that gives him super powers for one hour per dose). That puts him in the same league with guys like Sandman and The Elongated Man, which I also find awesome. There's just something about a guy who uses his own ingenuity to gain entrance into a world filled with the otherwise  supernaturally gifted. It's why Batman works so well.

Anyway, as with the Green Lantern figure, which is part of this same series, this Hourman figure is almost too articulated. Luckily he does not require a pelvic thrust to remain upright. He looks very realistic and I especially appreciate how awesome his cape looks and feels. There has been plenty of discussion in various forums about his solid yellow cowl. The Golden Age Hourman always had either shadow on the front of his cowl, or the front of his cowl was always black (there is some disagreement on that point as well). So this figure either is or is not historically correct, depending on how you choose to feel about it. I did find photos of a different DC figure which does feature black on the front of the cowl, and I have to admit it looks better than this one.

Regardless of such nit-picky details, I'm proud to own Hourman. He could look a little better, but I'm certainly not one of those guys who does a little custom painting on his figures to make them more correct. He's right at home standing next to Alan Scott in my collection and he'll be there a long time.

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