Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bedlam (Vectrex Game)

Bedlam is a hard game. In reviewing these games, I promised myself that I would play each game at least long enough to get good at it, but I'm not sure I've succeeded with Bedlam. Sure, I got to the 5th level and crossed the 6,000 point barrier, but that still ain't nothin'. The other two game modes in Bedlam start you off on the level where I met my demise (in one of the levels, the playing area is slowly closing in on you, which is panic inducing, and in the other the playing area starts spinning, making it impossible to get a bead on your enemies). So yeah, Bedlam is hard.

I know what you're saying, "I know Bedlam is hard, but what else is about it?" Well, this is a shooter, which is what the Vectrex does best. Your ship is located in the center of some geometric shape, and enemies approach you from all corners. The game turns into a button mashing frenzy early into each level. Some enemies need to be killed early because they become impossible the closer they get. Some enemies give a blessed pause to the unceasing onslaught, but brief pauses are all you can hope for as a seemingly unending stream of enemies advances without mercy.

You'd expect that with all my statements about how hard this game is that I'd hate it, but I don't. It's challenging yet very enjoyable. If you like shooters and you think you've got the fortitude, Bedlam will provide a whole lot of challenge and fun. This is a good game, and one of the hardest vintage games I've ever played.

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