Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fortress of Narzod (Vectrex Game)

Wow. Now this is exactly the kind of gem I wanted to find in the Vectrex catalogue. Fortress of Narzod is awesome. You pilot a hovercraft (that's what the instructions say) traversing something that looks like the great wall of China. The zig-zag of the wall allows you to bank your shots, but be careful, your banked shots can bounce right back and kill you. Enemies make their way toward you from the gate in the distance. They'll shoot at you, and you can either dodge or shoot their projectiles. You'll need to destroy at least three waves of enemies per level before the Vectrex tells you, "You may pass." With that message at the top of the screen, you'll make your way to the gate in the distance and pass to a similar yet not identical level. The second and third levels feature greater numbers of enemies, and the shooting gets frantic. If you beat the three levels, you make your way inside the fortress itself and face the boss. The boss shoots multiple projectiles which split in half when you shoot them. Fortress of Narzod provides a nice challenge, and the gameplay is very enjoyable. The sound effects are also awesome. I'm pretty sure the Vectrex is the only console that could produce the sound of your ship exploding. This is one of the very best titles you can get for the Vectrex.

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