Thursday, May 31, 2012

Queen - Classic Queen

Classic Queen is a great compilation that compiles a few of the deeper Queen cuts not featured on other greatest hits compilations. It has since been made unnecessary by the Platinum Collection three disc set, but if you don't own that one, Classic Queen is a great album to own.

I think I piled on every possible superlative in my review of Greatest Hits, so I'm not going to say anything about Queen as a band other than they are great and that no number of Paul Rodgers will ever amount to one Freddie Mercury.

Classic Queen has some of my favorite Queen cuts, and I might actually prefer this album to Greatest Hits. "One Year of Love" is an underrated ballad that has found its way onto many mixes I have made over the years. "The Show Must Go On" is such an obvious cut, it's amazing it didn't make the first greatest hits compilation. "Who Wants to Live Forever" sounds like a wistful cry to the heavens now that Freddie Mercury is no longer with us. Oh, and allow me to wish a pox on Vanilla Ice for making me think of "Ice Ice Baby" every time I hear "Under Pressure." So yeah, there's a lot to love on this album. It's been a mainstay in my collection ever since I discovered it back in the early 90's.

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