Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pulsars - s/t

I bought this album at a time when I desperately needed more music similar to Return of The Rentals. Unfortunately there is no such thing. Return of The Rentals is a perfected musical anomaly that will probably never be bested or even reasonably approached. Seriously, it's the greatest synth rock album ever made and all-time great underrated rock album. I've come to understand that it's just unfair to compare other synth rock albums to it, so I'll try not to do that here.

So yeah, Pulsars and their debut (and only album, as far as I'm aware) is a pretty sweet specimen of synth rock. If you like songs about robots, look no further. Pulsars is a perfect blend between drums, guitars, and synths. No one element overpowers any other, and the result is a super sweet ode to robots and other inorganic beings (you know, like silicon teens and such). I love everything about this album. The formula does wear a bit thin by the end of the meandering hidden track, and I honestly don't know how a second Pulsars album would have even been constructed. Just know they they took every nugget out of the vein they mined to make this album.

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