Monday, May 7, 2012

All Good Things - More Invaders (Vectrex Game)

More Invaders is basically Space Invaders for the Vectrex. I was never too big on Space Invaders. I preferred the vastly superior Galaxian. So if you take a guy who isn't too big on Space Invaders and give him a sluggish Space Invaders clone, he's probably not going to care for it too much, and I don't.

I found the game to be too slow and a little buggy. My shields would disappear at times, and would still block my shots even though I couldn't see them. The old shooting through your shields trick doesn't really work because your shield will simply disappear if you try to shoot it. Also, I know that the last invader is supposed to go crazy fast at the end, but I've never seen one go nuts like it does on More Invaders. Oh, and the v-shaped invaders are much harder to hit than their pixel counterparts. More Invaders just isn't a whole lot of fun. It pains me to say it because of my regard for John Dondzila, but More Invaders is more miss than hit.

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