Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Armor Attack (Vectrex Game)

Armor Attack is a nifty tank game somewhat similar to the tank variation on Atari's Combat. You play a small and less well-animated tank than your enemies, and you drive around shooting everything that appears on screen. Enemy tanks take two hits to kill. One hit merely immobilizes them, and they remain able to return fire until you drop that second shot. Helicopters appear randomly on the screen and they look great, especially after you blow them out of the sky and they spin in (there were no survivors). The controls are pretty smooth once you get the hang of them (you might get killed a couple times before you're comfortable with 'em). There are three gameplay modes in this game as well as a two player option. I would tell you how the two player option is if it weren't so incredibly difficult and expensive to find a second controller. The other two gameplay modes are pretty useless. Mode 2 is almost exactly like mode 1 (as a matter of fact, I'm not sure it's not 100% the same) and Mode 3 is a blind screen where the walls don't appear, just you and the enemies. Mode 1 is good enough for my purposes. Armor Attack gets a little tedious for long gameplay sessions because you're just shooting increasing numbers of the same enemy over and over. For a quick 5 minute jaunt, it's hard to beat Armor Attack. I've always loved tank games, and this is pretty nice.

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