Friday, May 11, 2012

The Posies - Frosting on the Beater

Frosting on the Beater, aside from having one of the greatest power pop album names this side of Teenage Symphonies to God, represents The Posies finding a sound all their own. Whereas the previous album, Dear 23, sounded like an attempt to literally be Big Star, Frosting on the Beater has a more distinctive Posies sound. The first three tracks are all fantastic. "Dream All Day" somehow manages to have shades of "Don't Fear the Reaper" and yet still be a great power pop tune. "Solar Sister" features some of the best harmonies in The Posies catalogue. "Flavor of the Month" is one of the best power pop songs ever written. Toward the end of the album, the songs take a turn for the darker, but it just makes the album varied and interesting. Frankly, with how great the first three tracks are, the rest of the album could be a field recording of the band belching and blowing snot rockets and I'd still say this was a good album overall.

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