Monday, May 7, 2012

Mr. Boston Clean Sweep (Vectrex Game)

Somehow Mr. Boston, a purveyor of alcoholic beverages, became the one and only company to have a promotional version of a Vectrex game. The cartridge itself (pictured at left) is incredibly rare. The game differs very little from the original. The only difference I saw was that your character looks more like a top hat (it probably is a top hat, which Mr. Boston clearly wears, so good on them for getting a Vectrex character to look like what it's supposed to be) than a misshapen vaccum cleaner. I can't help but wonder why Mr. Boston didn't latch on to one of the better Vectrex games like Star Castle or Fortress of Narzod. You could just as easily swap out the player character for a top hat in almost any Vectrex game. Anyway, because it features the same boring and shoddy gameplay of the original Clean Sweep, I can't rate it very highly.

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