Monday, May 7, 2012

All Good Things - Vectris (Vectrex Game)

Because you can play Tetris on many other systems, why would you ever want to play it on the Vectrex? I don't think there's an answer other than, "Because I can."

Vectris is another John Dondzila creation, and it's not one of his better ones. The nature of Tetris and its many shapes which occupy the screen turn Vectris into a blink-filled affair. You can't see the bottom half of the L-shaped piece in the picture to the left here, and that's pretty common for Vectris. It's just really blinky and although it is a playable port of Tetris for the Vectrex, I'd recommend playing Tetris on another system if you need a fix (I highly recommend Acid Tetris, which is a DOS game you can play on DosBox).

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