Monday, May 7, 2012

Patriots III (Vectrex Game)

I don't know where this sequel to John Dondzila's Patriots came from (or where Patriots II went) or if it was written by the man himself. John has been known to release tweaked versions of games he has previously released, so it would not be out of the question that he would have created this. Even so, I see no mention of it on John's site, which leads me to believe someone else made it from John's template.

Patriots III is essentially the same as the first Patriots game, but with improved graphics and worse controls. Patriots had crisp controls which I really appreciated. Patriots III has sloppy controls that don't get anywhere close to the edge of the screen (a problem in the first Patriots game that seems worse in this sequel).

The improved graphics give you more realistic cities and missile bases. It adds a third base, so you have more firepower than before. The pregame screen and the point counting screens are impressive, but the most impressive graphics in the game are reserved for the game over screen. I'll let you play the game and lose, so it doesn't spoil the surprise for you. All in all, Patriots III looks better and plays worse than the original Patriots.

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