Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Golden Age Green Lantern - DC Universe Classics

I bought this figure because I really enjoyed reading some Golden Age Green Lantern. I reviewed the first 10 issues here as part of my First 10 series. Anyway, I saw this beauty on sale at Wal-Mart for a mere $5 and I couldn't resist.

This figure is part of wave 14 of the DC Universe Classics action figure series. I read somewhere that wave 14 was only sold at Wal-Mart, which is nice because it's the only decent store in this town (make no mistake, I hate giving my money to Wal-Mart. I would much rather give it to a locally owned comic book store). So apparently nobody collects action figures and/or has any interest in Alan Scott. The package of this figure was coated in dust. I guess that's why it was marked down.

This Green Lantern comes complete with the lantern, a "collectable" (I put it in quotes because I can't imagine anyone cares about them) pin, and a piece of a larger figure that you can assemble by buying all the figures in this wave, which I have no intention of doing. As you can see, Alan Scott has more articulation than is necessary. There are joints everywhere on this guy. One thing my wife was quick to point out is that the only way I can get him to stand in any sort of sturdy way involves putting him in an exaggerated pelvic thrust, which doesn't seem like something the original Green Lantern would do (though I wouldn't put it past Hal Jordan).

The thing I like the most about this figure is the intense expression on its face. Were it not for the crazy mid-torso joint that makes him do the time warp again and again (well, at least the pelvic thrust part of it) I would almost swear he looked real. This is a highly-detailed finely-crafted piece of work and certainly one of the most realistic figures I own. My only gripes are the pelvis thing and the the fact that there is no way to make the bell of the lantern face the ring, which is all I wanna make it do. Of all the articulations to leave out. Sheesh, I wouldn't miss the mid-torso one or the upper thigh ones. Just make the man able to do the one thing most people are going to want to make him do. Other than that, this is a very fine figure and I was very happy to buy it for as little as I did. How much do these things retail for? I'm going to research that and tell you the answer. You won't notice it, but there may be several minutes between this set of words and the next set. If Wikipedia is to be trusted, the figures retail for $15-$18, so I really walked away with this for a song. Can't wait to pick up some cheap Avengers figures in 6 months, assuming present trends continue.

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