Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ash Williams S-Mart Action Figure

First of all, if you haven't seen Army of Darkness, I don't know what you've been doing with your life. Get off your duff and watch it (or maybe watch it sitting down. It's your house and I won't tell you how to enjoy a movie. I'm only here to tell you which movies you need to enjoy).

Anyway, I was given this sweet action figure as a gift. I would have preferred Ash from an earlier scene in the movie (mainly I would have preferred chainsaw hand Ash over mechanical hand Ash), but I'm not going to nitpick a gift...too much.

Since I no longer have the original packaging for this figure, I'm not entirely sure who made it. I thought it was made by McFarlane toys, but I could be wrong. All it says on the undercarriage of the cart is that the copyright is held by Orion Pictures. All I can tell you is that this particular Ash stands about 6 inches tall and is only moderately articulated. His arms can rotate as well as his right thigh, but that's about it. He comes with everything you see here: the coveted boomstick, an S-Mart cart, a water bottle (the straw broke off of mine, not sure how that happened), and a leather-ish holster for the boomstick. Ash can't really stand on his own, which is why there are two small pegs for his feet on the cart. The figure is very detailed and looks very much like Bruce Campbell (did I ever tell you I met the man? Yeah, he's awesome). This is more of a display figure than a play figure, but I still love owning my own Ash Williams (that didn't sound homoerotic, did it? Mmmkay then).

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