Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Red Hot Valentines - s/t

The Red Hot Valentines are not the sort of band that has a lot of information online. Even so, there's even less information about this particular album. You can find relative oodles about their second album, Summer Fling or their third, Calling Off Today. Almost nobody has any information about this album and it took me nearly three quarters of an hour to find the low resolution picture you see on the left. This isn't a self-release or limited edition, it's just the debut release of a not-very-well-known band.

The Red Hot Valentines are another band that came to me in my quest to find the next Return of The Rentals, which we all know is a futile endeavor. Even so, that doesn't stop The Red Hot Valentines from putting out a very workmanlike and absolutely affable effort. The keyboards are a little buried in the mix, something that was rectified on Summer Fling. The songs all start to blend together after a while, and there are no real standout tracks on the album. The Red Hot Valentines is all heart and not quite enough substance.

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