Friday, June 1, 2012

The Refreshments - Wheelie

Wheelie is to The Refreshments as Dusted is to Gin Blossoms. That is to say, this is the self-produced album the band put out back when they were raw and young and before they made it big and got a record deal.

Wheelie finds The Refreshments as energetic up-and-comers. There are plenty of songs on Wheelie that made their way onto The Refreshments big label debut, Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy. On Wheelie these songs have some different lyrics in places, faster tempos, rawer vocals, and much more of a garage band feel. Wheelie is interesting as a historical document, but it's also the only place to find a decent recording of "B.O.B.A." which is a fan favorite among The Refreshments/Roger Clyne crowd. So if you want to hear The Refreshments at their most raw and get a few songs that didn't make the cut for the band's big label releases, Wheelie is for you.

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