Monday, June 4, 2012

The Rentals - Return of the Rentals

I do not possess the knowledge of superlatives that would allow me to properly encapsulate this album. I believe I have told you before that this is the greatest synth rock album ever made. It's a perfect album. It cannot be improved upon. I have never introduced this album to anyone who was not immediately entranced by its many charms. Return of the Rentals hits the perfect blend between synths and guitars as well as male and female voices. Oh, and this album made me love Cherielynn Westrich. She's one of my very few celebrity crushes (right up there with Barbara Feldon). Everything about this album is right. The sounds, the color of the packaging, the choice of fonts, the matte paper rather than gloss, and the thrift shop clothes on the band. Seriously, not a single wrong choice was made here. I will be giving this album five stars because it would be too much trouble to go into photoshop and make a 6-star rating.

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