Monday, June 11, 2012

Transformers Legends Starscream

This Transformers Legends figure cost about as much as the Mini-Cons (I think it was 50 cents more) but it's a whole lot more detailed and it really looks both like a jet and like the Starscream I remember from my childhood. I know the Mini-Cons are billed as 3" figures, but these Legends figures are slightly taller and whole lot more detailed.

The interesting thing about the Legends figures (I own two of them) is that they employ some clever facades. The cockpit you see on Starscream's chest is not the same one on the top of the plane. You can tell because the one on the front of the robot is surrounded by red, and the one on the plane is surrounded by grey. It's really the only thing that bothers me about this figure because aside from that, this is a highly-faithful finely-detailed piece of work. It takes a few more steps to transform from jet to robot and back than the Mini-Cons, and I had to consult the back of the package on my first try. Once I got it transformed, I was pleased to see how much Starscream looks like Starscream as both a jet and a robot. This is a really great figure and I'll gladly purchase more if I ever find them. Oh, and the head looks like a head and the hands look like hands. This is a big step up from Mini-Cons with a minimal step up in price.

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