Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Various Artists - Steady Sounds from the Underground

So I know I've mentioned that there aren't many ska compilations worth owning. If you already own Ska Sucks and feel like your life won't be complete until you've brought another ska comp into it, may I suggest Steady Sounds From the Underground. Ska Sucks is alread the greatest ska compilation there can ever be! This makes Steady Sounds the second greatest ska compilation there can ever be! So take that for what it's worth.

There are plenty of great bands on this compilation, many of whom are also on Ska Sucks. Most of the songs are strong, but there are a few duds in the mix (I'm looking at you, Buck-o-Nine). The Dance Hall Crashers put out great material as usual, The Mad Caddies tune is one of my favorites in their catalog, and the Hepcat song gives me another reason to wonder why I don't own of their albums yet. There's plenty to like here, some to love, and only a couple to shrug your shoulders about.

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