Monday, June 4, 2012

The Rubinoos - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Rubinoos But Were Afraid to Ask

The Rubinoos are one of the greatest power pop bands ever. Most people know them because Avril Lavigne ripped off one of their songs for one of her horrible fake punk albums. A lawsuit was brought up which ended up getting settled out of court (hopefully with large sacks of cash being handed to The Rubinoos because heaven knows they deserve it) and Avril Lavigne continues to make money for her supposed music while The Rubinoos continue to be underappreciated.

If you like sugary sweet power pop with stunning harmonies and excellent guitar work, this is a great box set to own. It features two discs of Rubinoos hits (the only odd one of the bunch being the Revenge of the Nerds theme which they were commissioned to do) as well as a third disc of live material and a nice set of liner notes to round out the package. My only gripe is that the discs are in cardboard sleeves rather than proper cases, but because I ripped this set as soon as I got it, the discs have had minimal wear. The music is fantastic. I just can't get over how well the band harmonizes (we're talking near Beach Boys levels here. As a matter of fact, there is a very nice recording of "Heroes and Villains" on disc two.) and how well the harmonies match the instrumentals. It's just the sort of finely-crafted pop you hardly ever hear anymore. A few of these songs even made it onto the mix my wife and I played at our wedding reception ("Fallin' in Love" and "As Long As I'm With You", the latter being one of the best power pop songs in the universe. Listen to it here and try to tell me it isn't). Oh, and how could I forget to mention that The Rubinoos were one of the great bands on the Beserkley label back in the day. All the Beserkley bands were great (especially the early Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers stuff) but The Rubinoos are a head above the rest of the bands on the label. This box set is just too good to not be owned by every serious power pop fan.

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