Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frank Sinatra - My Way: The Best of

Frank Sinatra is the cat's pajamas. How many guys can you name that were cool in their 20's and just as cool, if not more so, in their 60's? He was the kind of guy who made other people cool just by association. The man is a legend as is the music that made him what he was.

This compilation is a single disc with 24 of Sinatra's best cuts from the Capitol and Reprise years. Even if you don't think you know any Sinatra, you probably know several of these songs because they represent some of the best songs in the The Great American Songbook. As it is with most of his music, Frank Sinatra gives his unique take on these classic songs. In many cases, the Sinatra version of these songs are viewed as the definitive versions. I feel like I'm not really capturing how awesome Sinatra is or how great these songs are, so I'll stop writing.

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