Thursday, June 7, 2012

Save Ferris - It Means Everything

Here's how I explain Save Ferris. Remember when No Doubt was a ska band? Okay, take No Doubt and give them a better horn section and a cuter lead singer with a better voice and you've got Save Ferris. That's pretty much it.

It Means Everything is one of the greatest albums in the 90's ska revival. It's up there with Let's Face It and Turn the Radio Off. It features an absolutely inspired version of "Come on Eileen" which I prefer to the original, as well as 10 original cuts of absolute prime ska. Monique Powell proves that her voice is up to any task, taking on jazz jaunts as well as straight ska numbers, and straight-up rocking when the music calls for it. The band themselves are as tight as anything I've ever heard. This is just good ska and you should own it if ska is the sort of thing you're into.

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