Thursday, June 14, 2012

Various Artists - Ska Sucks

There aren't too many ska compilations worth owning, so take that fact into account when I tell you that this is the greatest ska compilation ever made.

I bought this album at Virgin Megastore back when such a thing existed (they may still be around, but not in Arizona). I was in desperate need of some good ska because that's what I was into at the time and I had come across more than a few duds. This compilation was very cheap and featured some ska bands I was partial to, so I picked it up and have always been glad that I did.

I can't say that every single song on this compilation is worth owning, but there are 30 tracks on this album so it's easy to overlook the 5 or so that aren't that great. Some of the songs on this album lean more toward punk than ska, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. You get a broad view of the different ways that different bands were approaching ska, some integrating punk, some going for the classic two-tone sound, and some going for something a little more unique (I'm thinking Dance Hall Crashers). Most of the songs are at least good, some of them are really great, and only a couple aren't worth the bother.

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