Monday, June 11, 2012

Talking Napoleon Dynamite 7" Figure

This talking Napoleon Dynamite figure is technically my wife's, but we combined our collections of things when we got married, so its point of origin matters less than the fact that it is a proud part of our joint action figure collection.

This figure was made by JDK Products if that means anything to anyone. It is a very finely-detailed figure. Everything from the wrinkles in his jeans to the twists in his headphone cord is very smartly rendered. This is one of the most faithful figures I own, the only flaw being the size and font of the text on Napoleon's shirt. The figure more than makes up for any flaw with the fact that they nailed the hair. Napoleon's hair is brown, not red. Go back and watch the movie. I don't know where people got the red hair idea. It's brown.

There is no articulation in this figure, and it is permanently attached to the base. The real appeal of this figure lies in the red button at the front of the base. The red button will cycle through one of twenty different quotes from the hit movie (Napoleon Dynamite should've never made it as big as it did. It was built to be a cult classic, but somehow got a little out-of-hand. Of course I'm glad Jared and Jerusha made big bucks, but I always wish this movie hadn't become a thing. It should've been an arthouse favorite along the lines of Rocky Horror). For a while, my wife and I started pressing the red button in the middle of conversations, substituting Napoleon's words for our own. You never knew whether you were going to get a "I wish you would get out of my life and shut up" or an "I caught you a delicious bass." At any rate, this figure has provided a lot of fun for my wife and I, so I can't help but love it. It's a highly faithful figure with plenty of awesome movie quotes. It deserves no less than...

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