Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Space Twins - The End of Imagining

Space Twins is the side-project of Weezer guitarist Brian Bell. The End of Imagining was their very long-awaited debut LP after a string of somewhat odd yet highly enjoyable 7" singles. The 7" singles were long out of print by the time I found out about Space Twins, but the MP3's of those singles were made available on the many Weezer fan pages, and I fell in love with the band mainly on the charm of "TV, Music, and Candy."

The End of Imagining isn't nearly as quirky as the Space Twins 7" vinyl output, but that same statement could be made for literally dozens of other bands. Although it doesn't have the same quirky indie flavor, The End of Imagining is a highly enjoyable album. "Rings of Saturn," "There's Always Tomorrow," and "Trudy Trulove" are all fantastic pop ditties. "Rust Colored Sun," "Running Out of Time," and a few others are nice spaced-out songs that sound exactly like what you'd expect from a band named Space Twins. The only song on the album that doesn't fit is "Yellow Camero," which was part of a number of post-Maladroit demos which Weezer scrapped before going in a completely different direction on Make Believe. "Yellow Camero" is an all-out rocker that could've easily been a part of Maladroit, so it doesn't fit with the mostly pop-centric delights on The End of Imagining. Anyway, setting that one little jag aside, this is a very cohesive and highly enjoyable album.

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