Monday, June 11, 2012

Transformers Mini-Con Break-Neck

Break-Neck is on of a few versions of Le-Mans style Mini-Con Transformers. I found that out on the very helpful Transformers Wiki. I have to admit that my knowledge of Transformers is limited to the original cartoon series and the first movie alone (the animated movie, not the Michael Bay junk. I was onto the fact that Michael Bays ruins things early. I have never seen any of his lousy Transformers movies due to the fact that he took the clean lines and bright colors of the Transformers and turned them into walking piles of junk with dulled and darkened colors. Oh, and Bumblebee is a VW Bug, not a Camero) so I don't really know what the Mini-Cons are, where they fit into the Transformers universe, or anything of the kind. I just know that I saw the toy at Family Dollar and thought it looked cool.

 So Break-Neck transforms into the very cool-looking race car you see above. It's a simple four or five step transformation that could easily be carried out by any kid 5 years old or older. My only gripes about this figure are the fact that the head barely stands above the windshield, so if I hadn't photographed the figure from the angle I did, you might not have known he had a head. The other problem is that the hands are not very well-defined. They're just poorly-detailed black things on the inside of the wheel wells. At any rate, these inexpensive 3" Transformers are not meant to be highly-detailed fully-articulated works of art. They're just small and fun and look nice on the shelf next to a zillion Marvel Heroics.

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