Thursday, June 14, 2012

Smashing Pumpkins - Adore

This album represents the only time that I went to one of those events where a record store stays open 'til midnight so eager consumers can get their hands on a new album as soon as it's available.

At the time I bought this album, I was a little disappointed by it. Smashing Pumpkins had booted Jimmy Chamberlin, their drummer, due to his inability to handle his drug addiction (word has it he supplied the drugs that killed the Pumpkins touring keyboardist) and had not replaced him. Matt Walker of Filter played the Mellon Collie tour, but was not brought into the band as a permanent member. Adore finds Smashing Pumpkins relying on drum machines rather than an actual drummer, and this was a bridge too far for many fans.

Over time I have come to appreciate Adore. The songs tend to be pretty dark. They range from Joy Division-esque to Songs of Faith and Devotion era Depeche Mode. I think many fans were turned off by this album because they wanted Smashing Pumpkins to be the next Nirvana and this album is a world away from that. I can both dig this album and see why others might not. I don't think this is Smashing Pumpkins' best effort, but I don't think it's their worst either.

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