Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sparta - Wiretap Scars

I had the great pleasure of seeing Sparta before this album came out. They played a few dates with Weezer, presumably to iron out any wrinkles in their live show and prepare to headline their own tour. If I remember correctly, I saw them at their very first big live show ever. I was very pleasantly surprised by how awesome Sparta was. They could outright wail as hard as At the Drive-In, but could also lay back into some spacey jams and mellow tunes. Wiretap Scars is exactly the album I wanted from Sparta after seeing their live show. "Collapse" is a perfect example of why Wiretap Scars is great. It has a gorgeous melody, a perfect spaced-out meandering arrangement, and it rocks when it needs to. Sure, it doesn't require me to do math when I listen to it and it doesn't split the atom, but it's a good song on a good album. Fie on the Mars Volta fans who say I can't dig Sparta as well.

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