Monday, June 4, 2012

Ridel High - Hi-Scores

I'm a big fan of Kevin Ridel. I just really dig his voice. The fact that he's super tight with Rivers Cuomo doesn't hurt either. I've hung out with Kevin at every show I've ever seen him play (at least six) and he's a super nice guy. He never seemed annoyed to have me hanging around even though hindsight tells me he probably should have been.

Anyway, Ridel High was the band Kevin Ridel fronted before he formed AM Radio. Hi-Scores is not too different from the AM Radio formula, but it has a decidedly 90's feel to it. I really love "Places People Hide Their Money" and "Battleship Grey." The rest of the tracks on the album are up to the generally high Kevin Ridel standard. It you like pop-ish rock-ish music with sweet vocals, this is a nice album to own.

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