Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sahara Hotnights - Kiss & Tell

Sahara Hotnights changed their sound quite a bit from Jennie Bomb to Kiss and Tell and the question as to whether or not it's a welcome change all depends on your stance on dance punk. There's quite a bit of dance punk that I actually happen to enjoy. I can't say I enjoy all of it. I'm none too fond of Death From Above 1979, among several others.

So when Sahara Hotnights added some keyboards and synth beats to their sound, I saw it as a step up rather than a step down. I really enjoy this album. It's a little more varied than Jennie Bomb, which is kinda nice. The songs are every bit as strong as they were on Jennie Bomb. I can see where people might make the case to dislike this album based on the fact that a dance punk version of Sahara Hotnights is essentially just The Sounds (which is basically an updated version of Blondie). I happen to love The Sounds, and I will never stop loving Blondie, so I don't really see the problem. You could easily argue that in their original incarnation Sahara Hotnights was just The Donnas or an updated version of Joan Jett. Call it what you will, the music sounds just fine to my ears.

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