Monday, June 4, 2012

R.E.M. - Green

Green is R.E.M. at their most fuzzed out and straightforward to this point in their career (of course Green isn't nearly as fuzzed out or straightforward as Monster). It's their first album for Warner, so if you want to call it their sellout album, I shall not say you nay (though I wouldn't really agree).

Green has some great tracks. I really dig the following: "Pop Song 89," "Get Up," "Stand," "World Leader Pretend," "Orange Crush," "Hairshirt," and "I Remember California." If you noticed that that makes over half the album, congrats to you. Most of Green is highly diggable, and I dig it. You betcher bippy I do (I am such a nerd. I just reread the end of this entry and thought I needed to make that statement about myself).

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