Monday, June 11, 2012

Transformers Legends Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime was always the grand poo-bah of all highly desirable toys when I was a kid. I believe I've made mention of the time I tried to lay my hands on a Generation 1 Optimus Prime in the middle of my Voltron review. So yeah, this is always a toy I wanted to own. Granted, I wanted a much bigger version, but I have to admit I've had much more fun with this 3" figure than I thought I would.

As you can see in the picture (you can tell I took this one because it's half out of focus and washed out. I am not a photographer) this is a highly faithful figure that really looks like the leader of the Autobots. They absolutely nailed the head because they didn't do the Michael Bay version of Optimus in which the middle spike on his head is waaaay bigger than all the others. Optimus looks like he is supposed to look, and that's more than half of the reason I bought this figure.

Even though this is a nice-looking Optimus Prime, I do have a few nits to pick. First of all, his hands don't look right. They're the same color as his arms and are a little too hexagonal. They coulda painted them blue and still have only used three colors on this figure. Another gripe is that the middle wheels don't turn. They're fakies that sit slightly higher than the real wheels, and it never ceases to bother me. My final gripe is that, as it was with Starscream, Optimus Prime has a facade. The grill on the front of the truck is not the same one you use when you transform to the robot. You pivot his torso just below the windows to flip to the slim version of the grill pictured above. I actually prefer the normal grill, but if you don't flip the grill around, his legs are backwards. This is just a pointless feature to an otherwise very fine figure. I want to give this figure full marks because I happen to really love it, but I can't pretend that I'm not bothered by the hands, wheels, and grill every time I look at it. Oh, and I would've loved it if this figure had the trailer as well, but you can't expect such things in a budget action figure line.

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