Monday, May 7, 2012

Patriots (Vectrex Game)

Patriots is another excellent John Dondzila creation. A simple glance at the picture at the left will tell you that this is a Missile Command clone. I tend to not like Missile Command because I'm bad at it. My Dad, on the other hand, was blessed with insane Missile Command skills. Anyway, Patriots (so named because of the Patriot missiles in use during the Gulf War) is a Missile Command clone that I can actually play. As you shoot one missile, its explosion will take out nearby missiles as well. It's not that the game is easy. The action ramps up very quickly and as you advance through the levels, you'll find yourself constantly firing on a frightening number of enemies. Patriots captures the spirit of Missile Command and does it in a way that the Missile Command challenged like myself can enjoy. This is a whole lot of fun and a perfect clone of a classic game.

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