Saturday, May 28, 2011

AM Radio- Radioactive

This is AM Radio's major label debut, but it's not my favorite AM Radio album (that would be their self-titled debut). There are some very good songs on the album, but a lot of it feels overproduced compared with the beautiful simplicity of their early work. On the whole, it's a good rock album that falls a bit short of what it could have been. As always, I love Kevin Ridel's voice and his ability to write a hook. Sometime after this album, Kevin replaced most of the members of the band, became a born again Christian, and drastically changed the sound of the band (not necessarily in that order). So this is pretty much it for AM Radio.

So there you have it. I listened to some music and told you all about it. Of course there's no one reading this thing yet, and I don't expect there will be anytime soon, but I'll keep writing it because that's the sort of futility I like to attach myself to. Also, I should probably stop making comments about how nobody reads this thing, because I actually do want people to read it. My self-deprecation is mostly fake and I think anyone who reads this will probably feel inclined to call my bluff. So I'm calling my own bluff. How's that for service?

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