Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another in a Long Line of Foolhardy Endeavors

After starting this blog, I found myself lacking any sort of gumption to post in it ever again. This blog could have literally been just a statement of what sort of blog this should be and no actual content whatsoever. Maybe it would be better that way. Maybe I should cut the self-deprecating crap and admit that I think my farts smell like roses.

Anyway, I started another foolhardy endeavor that made me decide to not leave this blog dead in the ditch. I recently moved my entire CD collection into a built-in set of shelves in this house we're renting. There are few things in this world as satisfying as putting a large collection of something cool on a shelf and organizing it (I went alphabetical. I used to be a librarian, so it's only fitting). With my collection  on the shelf I decided that I needed to listen to every single album I own in alphabetical order.

My listening apparatus of choice is a Panasonic model SL-SW850 discman. The only reason I bother putting the model number is that this is without question the coolest discman I have ever come across (and yes, I know discman is a term owned by Sony and all other discmen are merely portable compact disc players, but I prefer to use the shorter term and waste a lot of space explaining my word choice later). It's solid metal and the latch system involves pulling two tabs simultaneously, like unlocking some Indiana Jones puzzle or turning two keys to authorize a missile launch. I feel important every time I open the thing. Check it out:
This is the discman with the two side tabs open. Seriously, if this thing was a car, it would have gull-wing doors. I would've made the DeLorean comparison, but I heard that DeLoreans, their time traveling capabilities notwithstanding, are really not that reliable. I just don't want to hex this discman because I've got a good thing going. Should it break down, however, I promise I will throw it as hard as I can and see if I can get it to time travel back to 1955.

So now that I'm listening to all my cd's again, I decided that I'll do an album of the day sort of thing. This is today's album of the day because it come first alphabetically:

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