Saturday, May 28, 2011

Avail-Front Porch Stories

There's one way to tell if a punk record is good. If it unlocks that part of your brain that is distrustful of the government and disgusted by the inequalities and atrocities prevalent in society while at the same time causing you to throw your body about in reckless abandon, it's working.

Front Porch Stories is the last album by Avail and it's a good one. It hits hard, fast and loud. I bought this album out of a discount bin at a record store. It was 2 bucks because it was a promo copy and didn't have the front or the back cover. I had heard of Avail but had never heard any of their music before buying this album. I guess I've had a lot of luck with speculative buying. I can't wait to dig up an album I bought on a hunch but turned out to be a total turd. Anyway, I'm getting punchy and if you like punk you'll like Avail.

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