Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Beatles-Revolver

 What can I say about an album that has already been reviewed ten times 'til tuesday? I can say what it means to me. I never knew this was one of the most beloved albums of all time when I was in high school. I had stolen a copy of The Beatles Anthology 2 (yes, I used to be a bit of a klepto) and there was this fantastic song I had never heard entitled "And Your Bird Can Sing." The version on Anthology 2 was an outtake in which The Beatles started laughing uncontrollably in the middle of the song. I yearned to have the regular version of the song, and with a little text-based internet deduction (yes, there was a time when I had the internet in text only format. It was the mid 90's) I found out that Revolver was the album I needed to own. I bought it (I had seen a shrink about my klepto tendencies and was cured by this time) and quickly found that I love "Here, There, and Everywhere" every bit as much as "And Your Bird Can Sing" and maybe a little more.

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