Monday, August 20, 2012

Aaron Copland - Rodeo, Billy the Kid, Appalachian Spring

Aaron Copland is simply the greatest American composer there has ever been or will ever be. If you ever wonder who John Williams steals all his good ideas from, look no further than Copland. And my streak of not being able to compliment Copland without knocking Williams is still alive.

While I aspire to own a more comprehensive collection of Copland's works, this Naxos compilation provides a nice overview of the man's work. It begins with "Fanfare for the Common Man" which is possibly my favorite piece of classical music ever written. This is followed by four of the five movements from Rodeo. The disc closes with Billy the Kid and Copland's transcendent Appalachian Spring. While there are certainly better recordings of each of these works, this disc is an excellent overview and would work as a nice introduction for anyone unfamiliar with Copland.

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