Monday, August 13, 2012

Weezer - Christmas CD

The Christmas CD was a Weezer fan club only release, and it was kind of a rare treat at the time. One thing you need to know about me is this: I have been making a multi-disc Christmas mix every year since 2002. I started because I think a lot of Christmas music (specifically the stuff they tend to overplay on the radio) is trite and boring. When I found out that bands that I actually like had been recording original Christmas music, I compiled everything I could find and started sharing it with my friends. Somewhere along the way, it became super common for almost every band on earth, regardless of religious affiliation, to start putting out Christmas albums or, at the very least, freely downloadable Christmas tracks.

Anyway, the good thing about this 2-track Weezer Christmas CD is that it was way ahead of the trend. Both songs on the disc are originals, and both are fantastic, especially "The Christmas Song." If you have been looking for non-traditional original Christmas music, this is an excellent place to start. Oh, and the fact that this disc is one of the more rare bits of Weezer memorabilia (the songs themselves have been released digitally, but this CD was a very limited pressing) is just fine by me.

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