Monday, August 20, 2012

The Chamber Orchestra of Europe - Schubert: Mass in G Major/ Schumann: Requiem for Mignon

In my review of Faure's Requiem, I mentioned that my college choir would occasionally perform at San Xavier del Bac, a Spanish mission built in the late 1700's. Although it gets a bit small once you cram a full orchestra and choir into it, San Xavier is a wonderful place to perform sacred music. In 1998 I had the opportunity to perform Franz Schubert's Mass in G Major in San Xavier, and will always remember the experience fondly.

I purchased this recording of The Chamber Orchestra of Europe performing Schubert's Mass as a means of remembering one of the highlights of my musical career. As with most Deutsche Grammophon recordings, the quality of this album is superb. In addition to the Schubert piece, this disc also includes Schumann's Requiem for Mignon from Goethe's "Wilhelm Meister." Although I have no personal connection to this piece, it is almost as enjoyable as the Schubert. This disc is always a nice trip down memory lane for me, as the rating will reflect.

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