Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pat Benatar - Get Nervous

Get Nervous boasts one of the best album covers of the 80's. The back cover might even be better than the front (the back cover features the band pulling on the arms of Pat's straitjacket). Even so, it makes you wonder just what Pat Benatar wanted people to think of her. Her first two album covers showcased her sexuality (she only wore the front half of a shirt on In the Heat of the Night and seems to be checking herself out on Crimes of Passion), her third was 80's cute, and her fourth was crazy/dangerous. It must have been somewhat confusing because people didn't know which crowd to lump Pat Benatar with: the rockers or the pop divas. She's clearly a little bit of both, but she's also her own unique woman.

Regardless of where she fits genre-wise, this is another fine Pat Benatar album. "Shadows of the Night" is clearly the best song on the album, but there's plenty of good in the rest of the album. I was especially impressed with "Looking for a Stranger" and "I'll Do It." If Pat Benatar is your bag, it follows that this album is as well.

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