Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

Just when I started losing patience with pop punk, Yellowcard hit the scene. They were supposedly different because they have a guy who plays an electric violin in the band (and he does backflips in concert. No kiddin'). The problem with all this is that Yellowcard manages to sound exactly like every other pop punk band in the world on this album. Sure, there are moments where the violin breaks through the mix, and you could almost swear it was something other than the same-old pop punk, but those moments are fewer and further between than they should be.

The truth about Yellowcard is that the violin is always either buried or playing with distortion so it sounds almost (but not quite) indistinguishable from the guitars. They try to bring something a little different to the table, but it still ends up sounding almost exactly like New Found Glory, which is what all pop punk bands tend to sound like. Anyway, Ocean Avenue is their best album and has most of their best songs. If you want a little fiddle in your pop punk, here ya go.

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