Monday, August 13, 2012

Rivers Cuomo - Alone II

The picture on the cover of Alone II tells you one thing for sure: on these  albums Rivers is willing to show his good, bad, and weird hairstyled. Of course I would have wished my parents would let me rock such a metal 'do back in the day.

Much like Alone, Alone II compiles a number of Rivers Cuomo's home demos. For the second straight disc, he focuses solely on tracks that were never given an official release. There are more Songs From the Black Hole on this album, but none of them are particularly earth-shattering. "I Was Scared" is an excellent track, especially when you know its back story (included in the liner notes, something I forgot to mention in the first review. These albums come with some of the most in-depth and extensive liner notes Weezer has ever released, and they're very much appreciated). It's also one of the few tracks I didn't know before buying this album. "My Brain is Working Overtime" and "My Day is Coming" are also gems on this release. Everything else ranges from interesting to ok, which isn't bad for a collection of demos.

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