Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meco - Christmas in the Stars: The Star Wars Christmas Album

This is a nice little musical oddity a friend gave me for Christmas as a joke. It's pretty good gag gift. Everybody knows Star Wars holiday fare is hilariously bad, and this album is certainly no exception. It was produced by Meco (the same man who gave us Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk) and it features Anthony Daniels, who was the original C-3PO from the movies.

If you think you've heard bad holiday music before, you ain't heard nothin' 'til you've heard "What Do You Get a Wookee for Christmas (When he Already Owns a Comb?)." Oh, and I loved the unintentional comedy which comes from "Sleigh Ride" in which C-3PO teaches R2-D2 to sing. This is hilarious because C-3PO is a Rex Harrison or William Shatner type when it comes to singing (that is to say the guy speak-sings everything and doesn't sing so much as single note). Anyway, this album, though undeniably awful, is kitschy fun in that Ed Wood/Roger Corman sort of way. If you listen to this album in an MST3K frame of mind, you'll more than likely enjoy it. So as far as a rating goes, this is an anomaly in that it really deserves two ratings.

For the actual music, this album deserves no more than...

But for kitsch value and campy holiday fun it deserves a full...

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