Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day

This was the first Weird Al album I bought in high school. It was timely because Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" was being piped in at every high school dance, and I came to hate it. I was friends with the two guys who shared DJ duties, so I made sure they had access to "Amish Paradise." It was funny to see people take to the dance floor as the opening beats of the song hit, only to leave the floor as they realized it was Weird Al, not Coolio. At such times, my nerd posse and I would revel in the hilarity of it. Looking back, Weird Al's first foray into hip-hop should have been a bigger deal. Some of his best material from the last few years has been hip-hop (I'm thinking "White and Nerdy" and so are you).

One of the great things about Weird Al albums is that they are perfect historical documents. They tell the tale of exactly who was big at any given time and who needed to be taken down a peg (if you ask me, Weird Al should've taken Alanis Morissette down a few more pegs. She sucks and her music is horrible). Anyway, I can't listen to this album and not be transported back to high school. It makes me remember every good, funny, or bad trend going at the time. Sometimes I think we don't give Weird Al enough credit.

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